How Do I Motivate My Students?

There are many ways teachers can motivate their students. Below are 3 easy-to-implement ideas. If you have ideas for us, please share them. CLICK HERE and type away.

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Modeling is key. Kids take cues from adults. If teachers are passionate about the lesson, so will their students. We, therefore, urge teachers to model lessons regularly. The more teachers model, the better. Use your Teacher Profile to model. As you model, call students up to help complete various interfaces. Make it fun, engaging, and competitive. For example, put the timed Matching Game on the Smart Board, and have the kids compete for the high score.

To learn more about our Instructional Model, CLICK HERE.





We created certificates for students who completed Levels 1 & 2, as well as students who collected all the Books. Please download these certificates, print them our (hopefully in color) and show them to your students. Explain to them that they will receive them when they complete Levels 1 & 2 and when they earn all their Books. Our certificates will help motivate your students to work hard. You can hang these certificates on the wall and send them home.

To download our Certificates, CLICK HERE.




Teachers can put up a chart with the kids' names on it. It should have 70 slots next to each name, corresponding to the 70 lesson in Level 1. Every time a student completes a lesson, add a sticker. By the time they are done they will all have 70 stickers.