Judith Centa, ELA Curriculum Specialist, DVUSD, AZ

Judith Centa, ELA Curriculum Specialist at DVUSD, talks about her goals and objectives for DVUSD, and how CAPIT helped her achieve her goals.

Judith Centa, ELA Curriculum Specialist, DVUSD, AZ

Judith compares CAPIT to other digital reading programs.

Title I School
Riverside Intermediate, GA
Leah Izenour & Emily Wilson

The academic coach and IRR teacher discuss CAPIT's effect on student growth and student engagement. Riverside Intermediate is a 3-5 school with a high poverty rate. Many students enter with little to no foundational reading skills and need to catch up quickly. Teachers in Riverside Intermediate use CAPIT across the board with all their students, making their struggling readers feel successful. CAPIT is a wave that lifts all boats.

Ms. Jester, Kindergarten Teacher, Edmond School District, OK

The teacher was most impressed by the positive effect CAPIT had on her students. She also noted that in 16 years of instruction, she had not found a better tool to help her reach every one of her students. She was also amazed that CAPIT engages students by "learning," and not through "gaming."

Ms. Morris, Kindergarten Teacher, Edmond School District, OK

The teacher noted that CAPIT is a program she can use with all her students, those who can already read, and those who are still struggling—they are all equality excited to use CAPIT. She describes CAPIT as a "low stress" program any teacher can implement in a classroom with shared devices. Most importantly: CAPIT had a positive effect on her students' end-of-year assessment.


Kindergarten Teachers, Riverside Drive Elementary, CA

The teachers discuss CAPIT's effect on student growth, student engagement, classroom instruction, the use of technology, and how CAPIT compares to other programs they have used in the past.

Ms. Parker, ISP Teacher, Oxnard School District

The ISP teacher noted that the kindergarten children are way ahead of what they would have been if they didn’t have CAPIT. CAPIT also helps build the confidence of struggling readers.

Ms. Barrett, Bilingual Teacher, Oxnard School District

The bilingual teacher noted that in her 14 years of teaching EL kindergarten students, she has never seen this level of ability and performance in her students. For example, she never administered a CVC Test or a Writing Test in the winter. CAPIT enabled her student to pick up these skills so quickly that this is the first year she was able to do so. The teacher also pointed out that CAPIT supports students on different levels while fostering class cohesion.


CAPIT is a Curriculum. Because Learning to Read is Not a Game.

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