The Teacher Experience


Real Teachers Are Superior to Animated Cartoon Characters.

Because human teachers are superior to digital devices, we did not set out to replace the teacher with a digital program. Instead, we created a digital curriculum that keeps teachers involved throughout the learning process. This synthesizes the advantages of technology with the advantages of real teachers that stay involved in the learning process in 2 ways.

5-10 Minutes

Teachers regularly model lessons for the entire class, and even call students up to help model lesson, encouraging peer-to-peer learning. Teachers explain new concepts and revisit old ones throughout the year, taking full advantage of the Spacing Effect (the notion that students perform better academically when given multiple opportunities to review learned material, see Carpenter, 2012; and Kang, 2016).

20-30 Minutes a Day, 4-5 Days a Week

CAPIT notifies teachers when their struggling readers need support as they complete lessons on their own device.