Our Instructional Model

Student spend 30 Minutes a Day on CAPIT Reading.

  • Welcome to CAPIT.
  • This tutorial explains our Instructional model.
  • CAPIT Reading is to be implemented a minimum of 30 minutes per day, 4 to 5 days a week.
  • Select your user, and begin using the app as if you are a student. Narrate your way through the app. Explain what you see, and what you hear. Play the CAPIT Song a number of times. Complete a lesson or two. Once your students observe how you complete a lesson, they will feel comfortable completing a lesson on their own.
  • Students should get a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes on the iPad.
  • You should be around to offer support for students who need help.
  • After students complete a CAPIT Reading lesson, they can progress on CAPIT Books.

Introduction to the CAPIT Apps

Get to know our 2 apps: CAPIT Reading & CAPIT Books.

  • Welcome to CAPIT.
  • This tutorial explains our two apps.
  • One is called CAPIT Reading.
  • The other is called CAPIT Books.
  • CAPIT Reading is where students PLAY & STUDY.
  • CAPIT Books is where students READ BOOKS.
  • Students always begin with CAPIT Reading where they first learn the sounds of the letters in Level 1.
  • When students master the Lowercase and Uppercase letters, they are ready to explore the CAPIT Books app.
  • CAPIT Reading and CAPIT Books compliment each other, so students freely toggle back and forth between the two apps.

CAPIT Reading Level 1

All students Begin with Level 1.

  • Welcome to CAPIT.
  • This tutorial is the first of 2 introductions to our CAPIT Reading app.
  • Once students select their user they can listen to our CAPIT Song.
  • After they enjoyed the song a number of times, they begin their learning experience with Level 1.
  • This is the Level 1 Lesson Menu.
  • Students play with sounds and create letters.
  • Students complete as many lessons as they desire each day.
  • The assessments are built into the lesson menu ensuring the students know the sounds they learned before they progress further.
  • When students have learned all Uppercase and Lowercase Letters—and have passed an assessment that proves their competency—they are ready to explore CAPIT Reading Level 2 and CAPIT Books.

CAPIT Reading Level 2

In Level 2 students learn to Read Words & Sentences.

  • Welcome to CAPIT.
  • This tutorial is the second of 2 introductions to our CAPIT Reading app.
  • Before entering each lesson in Level 2—students must prove their competency by passing a 10-Step assessment.
  • This assessment can be bypassed by entering a Code that only you know.
  • You can use this Code for the purpose of displaying a lesson on the Smart Board.
  • Please make sure students don’t see the Code.
  • In each lesson your students will collect new Sounds & Spelling Patterns.
  • Students learn how to write each Spelling Pattern, and where the Spelling is positioned on the keyboard.
  • Every new Sound & Spelling Pattern is collected in the Pocket Chart.
  • Students rely on this Pocket Chart when they forget a Sound or Spelling Pattern.
  • Encourage your students to rely on their Pocket Chart when they struggle with their reading. Have them pull it down, and look for the Sound or Spelling.
  • With each new Sound & Spelling Pattern students are able to read and spell new words & sentences.
  • If your student struggles with a particular exercise and guesses incorrectly more than three times, a lock will pop up. The student will be unable to progress further without you. You will need to first input the Code to remove the lock.
  • Now you can help your student with the exercise. Find out why your student was struggling. Show your student how to rely on the Pocket Chart for help.
  • One average, students should complete a lesson a day in Level 2.
  • But gifted students may progress at a faster pace.
  • And struggling students will progress at a slower pace.
  • After students complete a CAPIT Reading lesson—they may progress through our CAPIT Books app and read some books.

Introduction to CAPIT Books

In CAPIT Books students earn and Collect Books.

  • Welcome to CAPIT.
  • This tutorial is an introduction to CAPIT Books.
  •  Students can continue to practice their sounds by listening to our CAPIT Song, and by playing our CAPIT Matching Games.
  • But more importantly, students can begin to collect books by competently passing a phonemic awareness exercise that matches the level of difficulty of the book.
  • Books are stored in their personal library.
  • As students progress through the program, the words get longer and more complex, and so do the books.
  • CAPIT Books compliments CAPIT Reading, and students can freely toggle back and forth between the two apps.

Activating Your Account, Part 1: Setting Up the Teacher Portal

This is how you Begin Setting Up Your Account

  • Welcome to CAPIT.
  • This tutorial explains how to set up the Teacher Portal.
  • The Teacher Portal can be found at www.portal.capitlearning.com/
  • Click on Student.
  • Click on Edit (Student 1) and fill in your student’s information.
  • Enter the First Name and Last Name.
  • The User Name is the name your student will see whenever they enter their CAPIT Reading app.
  • The Icon is the image assigned to each user’s name.
  • Be sure to save your information.
  • Please click on Account.
  • Here is where you can change your email and password.
  • The User Gallery is where the student’s pictures and drawings are stored.
  • The Teacher Portal is under construction—please excuse its current appearance.

Activating Your Account, Part 2: Setting Up the Student's iPad

This is how you Finish Setting Up Your Account.

  • Welcome to CAPIT.
  • This tutorial explains how to download and set up our two apps.
  • Go to your student’s iPad.
  • Open the app store.
  • Type in: capit learning.
  • Download two apps from the app store: CAPIT Reading and CAPIT Books.
  • Now open CAPIT Reading and enter your email and password.
  • Click Teacher Menu.
  • Select only the student(s) you want to assign to this iPad.
  • Click Save.
  • Click Close.
  • Press the Blue Button to enter the App.
  • You will see only the users you selected.
  • Click on the User and enter the app.
  • Now your CAPIT Reading app is set up.
  • A quick way to send us a message from any iPad is by going to the Teacher Portal. Then click Contact Us. Enter the Code, and now you will be able to message us directly.
  • Click on the CAPIT Books app.
  • Enter the Code.
  • Both apps are ready to go.