Instructors play two roles in ensuring student success: (1) Instructors explain the purpose of each new interface and how it functions, and perhaps even model a lesson on their own user account; (2) Instructors stay close by so they are available to help with a particular exercise.

Students should spend between 20-30 minutes a day, 4-5 days a week playing and learning with CAPIT Reading.

To view the transcription for these video tutorials, CLICK HERE.


Introduction to the CAPIT Apps

Get to know our 2 apps: CAPIT Reading & CAPIT Books.

CAPIT Reading Level 1

All students Begin with Level 1.


    CAPIT Reading Level 2

    In Level 2 students learn to Read Words & Sentences.

    Introduction to CAPIT Books

    In CAPIT Books students earn and Collect Books.


    Activating Your Account, Part 1: Setting Up the Teacher Portal

    This is how you Begin Setting Up Your Account.

    Activating Your Account, Part 2: Setting Up the Student's iPad

    This is how you Finish Setting Up Your Account.