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KEEP IN MIND: These instructions were created for classroom teachers with multiple students.

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Video Tutorials

These short videos contain everything you need to know to ensure your student/child succeeds with CAPIT Reading. KEEP IN MIND: These videos were created for classroom teachers. Feel free to make adjustments.


Level 1

1. Visual Mnemonics

3. Song

5. ABC Test

Level 2

7. Scope, Lesson Menu & Books

9. Segmenting & Spelling Sounds

11. Goals

13. Scope & Sequence

 16. Teacher Involvement

2. Level 1 Lesson Menu

4. Matching Games

6. Modeling A Lesson


8. Spelling Cards & Pocket Chart

 10. Error Handling

12. Modeling A Lesson

14. Matching Games

17. Teacher Portal & Setting Up the iPads