Our Instructional Model

Student spend a minimum of 30 Minutes a Day on CAPIT Reading.

  • Welcome to CAPIT.
  • This tutorial explains our Instructional model.
  • CAPIT Reading is to be implemented a minimum of 30 minutes per day, 4 to 5 days a week.
  • Frontal teaching is easy: Select your user, and begin using the app as if you are a student. Narrate your way through the app. Explain what you see, and what you hear. Play the CAPIT Song a number of times. Complete a lesson or two. Once students observe how you complete a lesson, they will feel comfortable completing a lesson on their own.
  • Students should then get a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes on the iPad.
  • You should be around to offer support for students who need help.
  • After students complete a CAPIT Reading lesson, they can progress on CAPIT Books, or they can take their learning outside the app by using our many additional resources, such as our Scrapbook, Worksheets, or Writing Workbook. We provide all these downloadable resources on Basecamp.

Introduction to the CAPIT Apps

Get to know our 2 apps: CAPIT Reading & CAPIT Books.

  • Welcome to CAPIT.
  • This tutorial explains our two apps.
  • One is called CAPIT Reading.
  • The other is called CAPIT Books.
  • CAPIT Reading is where students PLAY & STUDY.
  • CAPIT Books is where students READ BOOKS.
  • Students always begin with CAPIT Reading where they first learn the sounds of the letters in Level 1.
  • When students master the Lowercase and Uppercase letters, they are ready to explore the CAPIT Books app.
  • CAPIT Reading and CAPIT Books compliment each other, so students freely toggle back and forth between the two apps.
  • CAPIT Books will be available as a free download at home, so students can continue to practice and sharpen their skills.
  • Students are motivated to redo their work at home because they want to “collect” the books on their home device.

CAPIT Reading Level 1

All students Begin with Level 1.

  • Welcome to CAPIT.
  • This tutorial is the first of 2 introductions to our CAPIT Reading app.
  • Once students select their user they can listen to our CAPIT Song.
  • After they enjoyed the song a number of times, they begin their learning experience with Level 1.
  • This is the Level 1 Lesson Menu.
  • Students play with sounds and create letters.
  • Students complete as many lessons as they desire each day.
  • The assessments are built into the lesson menu ensuring that students know the sounds they learned before they progress further.
  • When students have learned all Uppercase and Lowercase Letters—and have passed an assessment that proves their competency—They are ready to explore CAPIT Reading Level 2 and CAPIT Books.

CAPIT Reading Level 2

In Level 2 students learn to Read Words & Sentences.

  • Welcome to CAPIT.
  • This tutorial is the second of 2 introductions to our CAPIT Reading app.
  • Before entering each lesson in Level 2—Students must prove their competency by passing a 10-Step assessment.
  • This assessment can be bypassed by entering a Code that only you know.
  • You can use this Code for the purpose of displaying a lesson on the Smart Board.
  • Please make sure your students don’t see this Code.
  • In each lesson your students will collect new Sounds & Spelling Patterns.
  • Students learn how to write each Spelling Pattern, and where the Spelling is positioned on the keyboard.
  • Every new Sound & Spelling Pattern is collected in the Pocket Chart.
  • Students rely on this Pocket Chart when they forget a Sound or Spelling Pattern.
  • Encourage your students to rely on their Pocket Chart when they struggle with their reading. Have them pull it down, and look for a Sound or a Spelling.
  • With each new Sound & Spelling Pattern students are able to read and spell new words & sentences.
  • If your student struggles with a particular exercise and guesses incorrectly more than three times, a lock will come up. The student will be unable to progress further without you. You will need to first input the Code to remove the lock.
  • Now you can help your student with the exercise. Find out why your student was struggling. Show your student how to rely on the Pocket Chart for help.
  • One average, students should complete a lesson a day in Level 2.
  • But gifted students may progress at a faster pace.
  • And struggling students will progress at a slower pace.
  • After students complete a CAPIT Reading lesson—they may progress through our CAPIT Books App and read some books.

Introduction to CAPIT Books

In CAPIT Books students earn and Collect Books.

  • Welcome to CAPIT.
  • This tutorial is an introduction to CAPIT Books.
  •  Students can continue to practice their sounds by listening to our CAPIT Song, and by playing our CAPIT Matching Games.
  • But more importantly, students can begin to collect books by competently passing a phonemic awareness exercise that matches the level of difficulty of the book.
  • Books are stored in their personal library.
  • As students progress through the program, the words get longer and more complex, and so do the books.
  • CAPIT Books compliments CAPIT Reading, and students can freely toggle back and forth between the two apps.
  • CAPIT Books will be available as a free download at home, so students can continue to practice and sharpen their skills.
  • Students are motivated to redo their work at home because they want to "collect" the books on their home device.

Activating Your Account, Part 1: Setting Up the Teacher Portal

This is how you Begin Setting Up Your Account.

  • Welcome to CAPIT.
  • This tutorial explains how to set up the Teacher Portal.
  • Your will receive from us an Email containing your login information.
  • It will consist of an email address and a password.
  • These will give you access to the Teacher Portal.
  • The Teacher Portal can be found at www.portal.capitlearning.com/
  • Each class subscription comes with 30 users.
  • The Teacher Portal allows you to assign these users to your students.
  • Please make sure to assign a use to yourself as well. You will use this account for Frontal teaching.
  • Click on Student.
  • Click on Edit (Student 1) and fill in your student’s information.
  • Enter the First Name and Last Name.
  • The User Name is the name your student will see whenever they enter their CAPIT Reading app.
  • The Icon is the image assigned to your student's name.
  • Be sure to save your information.
  • Please click on Account.
  • Here is where you can change your email and password.
  • Please change your password so that your students’ data is secure and only you have access to it.
  • The User Gallery is where the students' pictures and drawings are stored.
  • The Teacher Portal is under construction—please excuse its current appearance.

Activating Your Account, Part 2: Setting Up the Students' iPad

This is how you Finish Setting Up Your Account.

  • Welcome to CAPIT.
  • This tutorial explains how to download and set up our two apps.
  • Go to your student’s iPad.
  • Open the app store.
  • Type in: capit learning.
  • Download two apps from the app store: CAPIT Reading and CAPIT Books.
  • Now open CAPIT Reading and enter your email and password.
  • Click Teacher Menu.
  • Select only the student(s) you want to assign to this iPad.
  • Click Save.
  • Click Close.
  • Press the Blue Button to enter the App.
  • You will see only the users you selected.
  • Click the User and enter the App.
  • Now your CAPIT Reading app is set up.
  • A quick way to send us a message from any iPad is by going to the Teacher Portal. Then click Contact Us. Enter the Code, and now you will be able to message us directly.
  • Click on the CAPIT Books app.
  • Enter the Code.
  • Both apps are ready to go.

Professional Learning Community

This is how we deliver Teacher Support & Additional Resources.

  • Welcome to CAPIT.
  • This tutorial explains—(a) How teachers and the CAPIT team communicate throughout the year (b) How teachers collaborate with each other, and (c) How we deliver all our downloadable resources.
  • All of these activities happen on Basecamp.
  • You will be invited to join our Basecamp. Check your inbox, and set up your free account.
  • You can access Basecamp from your computer, tablet, or phone.
  • Once in Basecamp, you can enter the Chatroom, and chat with everyone in Basecamp at the same time. This includes teachers, and CAPIT Team members.
  • Individuals can be Pinged directly as well, this is how you can contact us privately to help troubleshoot or share a good word.
  • The Message Board allows everyone to post more thoughtful questions and discussions.
  • To-Dos can be assigned to individuals to help take care of any housekeeping.
  • Events is where we post all upcoming events.
  • Feedback is where we collect feedback to ensure we are creating the best product we can.
  • Downloadables & Tutorials is where we keep all our of our additional resources that you can use in your classroom, as well as our video tutorials.
  • Basecamp is easy to use.
  • Within 2 minutes you feel like a pro.
  • It’s good to know that your fellow team-members are always just a click away.

Additional Resources

Some of our Downloadable Resources for the classroom.

  • Welcome to CAPIT.
  • In this tutorial we demonstrate some of our additional Downloadable Resources, and tell you how to get them.
  • These resources can be found on Basecamp.
  • Our Scrapbook & Wall Art includes all lowercase and uppercase letters, as well as our unique visual mnemonics.
  • The CAPIT Writing Workbook teaches proper penmanship and offers spelling practice.
  • We provide teachers with plenty of Worksheets for both Level 1 & Level 2 of our CAPIT Reading app. They are great for school work and homework.
  • We also provide certificates.