Modeling Lessons

How do I access my Teacher Profile so I Can Model Lessons?

You can access your Teacher Profile using your iPad. Log into the Teacher Menu on the iPad. Click "Children." Select your Teacher Profile. Click "Save." Go back to the main menu. Now click on the big blue button. You will see a profile called Teacher. Please note that the first time you go into your Teacher Profile it will take a while to start. This is because the app is unlocking all the lessons. This will allow you to hope around our app so you can become more familiar with our program.

For a Step-By-Step-Guide to adding user profiles to an iPad, CLICK HERE.

For more information regarding modeling lessons, click on the button below, and scroll down to Tutorial 9. Modeling A Lesson.

How Do I Navigate to the First Lesson?

The app automatically takes every user to the very last lesson that has been unlocked by that user. The Teacher Profile is unlocked by default. This means that every time you enter your Teacher Profile you will be navigated to the very last lesson. You can easily navigate to the first lesson by either clicking on the "arrows" or the little "blue buttons" on the bottom of the screen.

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