Older Struggling Readers (RTI)

CAPIT Reading can benefit all types of students, including older struggling readers, for the following reasons:

  1. CAPIT IS A CURRICULUM: CAPIT is not a game. Older struggling readers feel comfortable and challenged.
  2. COMPETENCY-BASED PROGRESSION: Our Linear and Competency-Based Progression ensures that students do not end up with a gap in their knowledge.
  3. VISUAL MNEMONICS: Our unique Visual Mnemonics LOOK and SOUND like the English letters, helping students remember the shape and sound of each letter in the English alphabet.
  4. NO VERBAL INSTRUCTIONS: Students struggle for different reasons, including the ability to follow instructions. CAPIT teaches students to read Without Verbal Instructions. Instead, students play with sounds and create letters, words, and sentences. This leaves little room for misunderstanding.

This At-a-Glance CAPIT Inventory will help you identify students who would benefit from CAPIT Reading. If your students ALWAYS hit two or three of the benchmarks described below but at least seven of these skills fall under SOMETIMES or NEVER, then CAPIT would be an ideal fit for your students.