A Whole New Way to Teach Phonics

CAPIT is a curriculum, because Learning to Read is Not a Game.

We removed the Virtual World, the Animated Characters, and the Extrinsic Rewards such as currencies and badges.

CAPIT is NOT A GAME. It's a Curriculum that engages students BY learning, and NOT by external motivators. In every interface, students are  Reading, Writing, Spelling, and Typing.


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We made learning to read so easy, We Removed the Instructions.

When you invite CAPIT into your classrooms, you are not inviting a guest lecturer to compete with your teachers, because CAPIT teaches without verbal instructions. CAPIT keeps it’s mouth shut!

CAPIT has no "virtual instructor." Instead, students Explore Sounds and intuitively Create Letters, Blend Words, and Assemble Sentences.

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CAPIT has no instructions. CAPIT Comes ELL Ready Out of the Box.

CAPIT never communicates verbal-instructions to students—not in English, not in Spanish, not in any language. CAPIT thus accommodates ELL students Out of the Box, without any modifications or additional teacher training. ELL Students use CAPIT the same way as Native English Speakers.

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Real teachers are better than Animated Cartoon Characters.
CAPIT Keeps Teachers Involved.

CAPIT is a Teacher-Led, Teacher-Supported curriculum.

Because real-human teachers are superior to digital devices, we did not set out to replace the teacher with a digital program. Instead, we created a digital curriculum that keeps teachers involved throughout the learning process.

Program-Setup requires a 2-Hour Onboarding.
Proficient use of CAPIT requires approximately 2-Days of Use.

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CAPIT delivers Actionable Student Data in all literacy sub-skills.

Now District Leaders and Principals can help their students BEFORE they fall behind.

Teachers, Principals, and District Leaders can track student progress along the phonics continuum, track daily usage, compare class and school averages, and keep parents informed and involved.


CAPIT Reading is an excellent tool for Older Struggling Readers.

Although CAPIT is mainly implemented across the board in kindergarten and 1st grade, it is also used as a remediation tool by older struggling readers in RTI and SPED setting.

Learn how CAPIT can help your STRUGGLING STUDENTS.


CAPIT offers a complete Transitional Kindergarten (TK) Curriculum.

CAPIT enables young Transitional Kindergarten (TK) students succeed in Kindergarten and beyond by equipping them with important literacy sub-skills, such as knowledge of letter sounds, blending and segmenting sounds. CAPIT also exposes advanced students to the entire phonics continuum.

Learn more about how CAPIT can be used in your Transitional Kindergarten (TK) classrooms.

CAPIT offers schools and teachers a Complete Phonics Solution.

CAPIT provides a digital solution that teaches Reading, Writing, Spelling, and beginning Keyboarding skills; a Digital Library of books; as well as Downloadable and Physical Resources. Our complete phonics solution ensures teachers get all their Digital, Downloadable and Physical Resources in one place.

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