Product Details

CAPIT provides a digital solution that teaches Reading, Writing, Spelling, and beginning Keyboarding skills; a Digital Library of books; as well as Downloadable and Physical Resources. Our complete phonics solution ensures teachers get all their Digital, Downloadable and Physical Resources in one place. Our District, School and Teacher Portals are simple and clear. With a single glance, Districts, Schools and Teachers can glean actionable student data. CAPIT provides comprehensive and ongoing Teacher Training, so Principals and District leaders need not worry about training teachers in phonics. We train and support teachers throughout the year.


CAPIT Reading App
CAPIT Homework App
Digital Leveled Books
Beginning Keyboarding Skills
Analytics, Assessments & Reports
Professional Development 

Handwriting Workbooks
Homework Sheets
Alphabet Wall Art 

Sound and Spelling Wall Cards
Alphabet Posters
Phonics Games