If we really believe that personalization improves education, then removing the persons from the educational equation defeats the purpose… Even great software is not magic. If you want magic in the classroom, you need a great teacher. At its best, the software gives the magician a wand to work with. But as we learned from a great Disney movie, a magic wand wielded by a sorcerer’s apprentice generally does not produce the intended results.
— Personalized Learning Is Not a Product By Michael Feldstein (Columnist) & Phil Hill (Columnist), EdSurge, Dec 7, 2015

Personalized Learning is not a product, and it does not mean isolation. It is an instructional style that allows teachers to adapt their instruction to the needs of each individual student while simultaneously providing all students with a shared learning experience. CAPIT Reading provides teachers with the flexibility to personalize the learning experience to meet the needs of every learner, whether they are ELL, struggling or advanced readers.

ELL   CAPIT Reading teaches students foundational reading skills without “verbal instructions." Students play with sounds and intuitively create letters, words, and sentences. Because the app teaches without verbal instructions, it comes ELL ready right out of the box. Teachers do not need to modify the app to instruct in the language of each ELL student. An app that is “language agnostic” naturally accommodates ELL Students of all backgrounds.

STRUGGLING STUDENTS   CAPIT Reading supports struggling students and ensures they do not get left behind in 3 important ways. 1. Our linear and competency based progression ensures that students do not end up with a gap in their knowledge. 2. Our unique Visual Mnemonics LOOK and SOUND like the English letters, helping students remember the shape and sound of each letter in the English alphabet. Our Tactile Visual Mnemonics™ (CAPIT Toys) go a step further: students literally hold the "sounds" in their hand. 3. Students struggle for different reasons, including with the ability to follow instructions. With our intuitive technology, students learn to read without "verbal instructions." Instead, they play with sounds and create letters, words, sentences, and books. This leaves little room for misunderstanding.

TALENTED READERS   CAPIT Reading is a “wave that lifts all boats.” The reading talented students may proceed at their own pace and sail as fast as they can. They unlock new lessons by competently passing a short but challenging assessment.