Open Letter to LA County Kindergarten Teachers


Dear LA Kindergarten Teacher,

My name is Eyal, and I am a co-founder of an LA based education technology company. We created a reading program that I hope would be of interest to you as a Kindergarten Teacher. My website is Our technology is called CAPIT Reading. It teaches students to read without "verbal instructions." Students play with Sounds and intuitively create Letters, blend Words, and assemble Sentences. The goal of our program is to help raise your students' reading scores without burdening you with additional work.

Because our program teaches without “verbal instructions” it accommodates ELL students without requiring specific program modifications or additional teacher training. Our program is very easy to implement alongside your Core Language Arts curriculum. And since we are a supplemental program there is no need to worry about a district buy-in before you can use us in your classroom.

As we are a local LA company we are currently offering local teachers free hands-on support and a RISK-FREE trial. 

If you think our program would be a benefit to you and your students I will be happy to demonstrate our program to you in person, or virtually. You can reach me at

Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you,

Eyal Rav-Noy

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