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Why and How CAPIT Works
Part 1: Less is More

We were guided by a simple principle: Less is More. This principle is based on the important research principle known as Cognitive Load Theory (Sweller, 2003, see also Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation, 2017).

Cognitive Load Theory (CLT) enabled us—no—forced us, to create a unique phonics curriculum that teaches students to read Without Verbal instructions. It also informed our decision in creating a phonics curriculum that is 100% Learning 100% of the Time. Cognitive Load Theory (CLT) guided, informed, and shaped every aspect of our program.

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Why and How CAPIT Works
Part 2: Visual Mnemonics

The value of mnemonics for teaching letter-sound
relations to kindergartners is supported by evidence.

—National Reading Panel Report, 2-125

Research and experience indicate that Visual Mnemonics are an efficient and fun method of helping students remember the relationship between the sound of a letter and its visual representation. CAPIT Reading provides unique Visual Mnemonics for every letter in the English language.

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and how we selected them.

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The CAPIT Reading
Scope & Sequence

CAPIT Reading is a competency-based digital instructional tool that advances learners in phonics as they demonstrate mastery and automaticity of foundational skills while collecting actionable data for teachers, principals, and districts leaders.

CAPIT Reading covers all foundational reading skill, ensuring students leave kindergarten ready for 1st grade.

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The CAPIT Reading
Standards Alignment

CAPIT Reading is a supplementary reading program that is easy to implement alongside any ELA core curriculum. CAPIT Reading covers many of the Common Core State Standards, and in some ways far surpasses them.

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The Research on Which
CAPIT Reading was Built

CAPIT Reading was built upon very specific research on early reading instruction, child development, and cognitive science.

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