How do I set up CAPIT?


How do I manually add students?


Why Does the App Freeze?

When a user leaves the app unused for a prolonged period of time, the app will become unresponsive.  Shutting down the app and reopening it solves the issue every time. We suggest that the last one to use the app shut the app down before turning off the device. This ensures that when the app is relaunched it will not feel glitchy.


How do I project CAPIT on my Digital Board?

For Audio: Take the Audio Jack (see picture to the right) that you normally plug into your computer and plug it into your iPad. The sound will play through your classroom speakers.

For Visual: Take the VGA Cord (see picture to the right) that you normally plug into your computer and plug it into your iPad using a VGA Adapter. Here are links to a VGA Adapter for Newer iPads and for Older iPads. The video will play on your digital board.

If you have access to Apple TV the process is seamless via AirPlay.

                      Audio Jack

                      Audio Jack

                            VGA Cord

                            VGA Cord

Why am I having volume issues with CAPIT?

iPads have 2 volume settings. One controls the iPad's speaker and the other controls your headphones. The two work independently of each other. This can lead to a situation where you get good volume on the speaker but no volume once you plug in your headphones. So please remember to adjust your volume again after inserting your headphones.

If you ever connect your iPad to your digital board—and forget that it is still connected—you may wonder why you have no volume on your iPad. This is because the volume is transferring to the digital board. Be sure to disconnect the connection, and your volume will once again come through the iPad speaker or your headphones.

Please note that some students might accidentally connect to the digital board in your room or to a digital board in a nearby room via Airplay. Make sure to check the Airplay setting on their device even if you haven't personally connected to a digital board with that iPad. 

What's the best way to implement CAPIT in my classroom using shared iPads?

Teachers have shared with us some Best Practices for implementing CAPIT Reading with shared iPads. We hope these ideas inspire you. Do you have your own ideas? Please share them with us:




How do I get my students to pronounce the phonemes correctly?


How do I play the CAPIT Games?


How do I customize my Basecamp notifications?

How do I change the DOB formatting when uploading a CSV to the Portal?


Select the DOB field.


Click General.

Click Text.


Fix the DOB. 

Retype the correct DOB. Month and Year.


Save File.