How Do I Set Up CAPIT?


How Do I Manually Add Students?



Can Students Skip Level 1?

If you believe a student is ready to skip Level 1 and begin with Level 2, have them take the ABC Test. If they pass the test, they are indeed ready for Level 2. If they can't pass it, they should go back to Level 1 and complete it until they master their sounds.


Why Does the App Freeze?

When a user leaves the app unused for a prolonged period of time, the app will become unresponsive.  Shutting down the app and reopening it solves the issue every time. We suggest that the last one to use the app shut the app down before turning off the device. This ensures that when the app is relaunched it will not feel glitchy.


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How Can I Be Sure My Students are Using Their Correct Account?

The student's initials will always be found on the top-left corner of the app.



IMPORTANT: If your students are sharing iPads, please make sure they navigate out of their user. They do this by clicking out on the top-left button until they arrive at the User Page. This will trigger an automatic sync, and will also ensure that the next student will not end up in the wrong user account.

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How Do I Project CAPIT on my Digital Board?

For Audio: Take the Audio Jack (see picture to the right) that you normally plug into your computer and plug it into your iPad. The sound will play through your classroom speakers.

For Visual: Take the VGA Cord (see picture to the right) that you normally plug into your computer and plug it into your iPad using a VGA Adapter. Here are links to a VGA Adapter for Newer iPads and for Older iPads. The video will play on your digital board.

If you have access to Apple TV the process is seamless via AirPlay.

                      Audio Jack

                      Audio Jack

                            VGA Cord

                            VGA Cord

Why am I Having Volume Issues with CAPIT?

iPads have 2 volume settings. One controls the iPad's speaker and the other controls your headphones. The two work independently of each other. This can lead to a situation where you get good volume on the speaker but no volume once you plug in your headphones. So please remember to adjust your volume again after inserting your headphones.

If you ever connect your iPad to your digital board—and forget that it is still connected—you may wonder why you have no volume on your iPad. This is because the volume is transferring to the digital board. Be sure to disconnect the connection, and your volume will once again come through the iPad speaker or your headphones.

Please note that some students might accidentally connect to the digital board in your room or to a digital board in a nearby room via Airplay. Make sure to check the Airplay setting on their device even if you haven't personally connected to a digital board with that iPad. 

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How Do I Motivate My Students?

There are many ways teachers can motivate their students to succeed. Below are 3 easy-to-implement ideas. If you have your own ideas, please let us know so we can share them with other teachers. CLICK HERE and type away.


This is key. Kids are excited about the kinds of things that adults are excited about. They like to please us. Teachers should model Lessons and Assessments (those Matching Games) every single day. Take your user and do a few lessons a day. Challenge your students to finish Level 1 before you do. As you model, call students up to help complete various interfaces. Call them up to help with the assessments. Make it fun, competitive, and engaging. Also, put the timed Matching Game on the Smart Board and have the kids compete for the high score. Kids love competing.


We created a really nice certificate for students who finish Level 1. Download it and print it (in color) and show it to your students. Explain to them that they will all receive it when they complete Level 1. This will help motivate them to work hard. As they finish Level 1, be sure to reward your students with a Level 1 Certificate. You can hang them on the wall and/or send them home.


teachers can put up a chart with the kids' names on it. It should have 70 slots next to each name, corresponding to the 70 lesson in Level 1. Every time a student completes a lesson, add a sticker. By the time they are done they will all have 70 stickers.

Implementing CAPIT Using Shared iPads?

Teachers have shared with us some Best Practices for implementing CAPIT Reading with shared iPads. We hope these ideas inspire you. Do you have your own ideas? Please share them with us:




The CAPIT Pronunciation Guide


How Do I Play the CAPIT Games?


How Do I Change the DOB Formatting When Uploading a CSV to the Portal?

Why Did a Lock Pop Up and Disable the App?

If a student makes 3 mistakes in a single interface a LOCK will pop up and disable the app. You will need to enter your Secret Teacher Code to remove the Lock. The app's default Teacher Code is 1975. Make sure your student does not see your Secret Code. If the secret gets out, you can change your Secret Code from your Teacher Menu on the iPad. CLICK HERE for more information. Now it's your turn to teach your student. No one can do this better than you.


There are a number of ways you can help:

  • Pocket Chart: Show your student how to rely on the Pocket Chart to look up sounds and spelling patterns.
  • Define Words: Explain the meaning of each "word." It is hard to read and spell words you don't recognize.
  • Give Context: Use these "words" in a sentence.
  • Most Likely…The student was rushing and being impatient. Urge the student to s l o w  d o w n.
  • Perhaps…The student forgot how to use this interface.
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How Do I Change My Secret Teacher Code?

Your secret Teacher Code is used to disable the Lock. Students should not know this code. If a student accidentally learns the code, you can change it by navigating to the Teacher Menu on the iPad.

Am I Using the Latest Version of CAPIT Reading?

We regularly fix and improve our app. This requires sending you a new and improved version of CAPIT Reading. To check if you are using the latest version, navigate to the Home Page—you will find the version number written on the bottom left corner. Now go to the app store and search for CAPIT Reading. Compare your version with the version in the app store. If there is a discrepancy, please update the app. This will take a few minutes.

How do I access my Teacher Profile so I Can Model Lessons?

You can access your Teacher Profile using your iPad. Log into the Teacher Menu on the iPad. Click "Children." Select your Teacher Profile. Click "Save." Go back to the main menu. Now click on the big blue button. You will see a profile called Teacher. Please note that the first time you go into your Teacher Profile it will take a while to start. This is because the app is unlocking all the lessons. This will allow you to hope around our app so you can become more familiar with our program.

For a Step-By-Step-Guide to adding user profiles to an iPad, CLICK HERE.

For more information regarding modeling lessons, click on the button below, and scroll down to Tutorial 9. Modeling A Lesson.

Step 11.1.png

How Do I Navigate to the First Lesson?

The app automatically takes every user to the very last lesson that has been unlocked by that user. The Teacher Profile is unlocked by default. This means that every time you enter your Teacher Profile you will be navigated to the very last lesson. You can easily navigate to the first lesson by either clicking on the "arrows" or the little "blue buttons" on the bottom of the screen.

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Are the Tiles Missing?

Sometimes we ran out of space and had to put some "letter tiles" on another screen. Students can navigate to these tiles by clicking on the "arrows."

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 8.36.22 PM.png

What Do I Do When CAPIT Loses Internet Connection?

CAPIT Reading functions only when it is connected to the internet. This ensures that student progress is never lost. When the internet goes down (and the app can't send progress to the Teacher Portal), you will see this Failed Pop-Up Screen, and the app will be disabled until internet connection is re-establish. You do not have to do anything. Just wait patiently for the internet to return. If the app stays offline for longer than 5 minutes, the student will be taken to the Home Screen. Please explain to your students that when they see this pop-up, they don't need to touch or do anything. They should wait patiently for the internet to return. If you are experiencing long internet outages, please speak with your tech-coordinator.

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Is CAPIT Compatible With Old Devices? The app is freezing up and acting glitchy. I have an old device, could that be a problem?

CAPIT Reading is compatible with all versions of the iPad since the iPad 2. Older devices have slower processors and less memory. This can cause the app to freeze up and feel glitchy. If you are using an older device, unburden it by deleting unused applications. Also, be sure to shut down all other applications before launching CAPIT. CLICK HERE to learn how to shut down apps on the iPad. If you are unsure about your tech, please speak with your tech-coordinator.


How Do I Access the Teacher Corner?

You can access the Teacher Corner from your Teacher Portal. CLICK HERE to log into your Teacher Portal and click on Your Name in the menu bar (Step 1); now click on Teacher Resources (Step 2); you will be directed to our Teacher Corner (Step 3). Our Teacher Corner enables you to easily:

  1. Contact us for support or to offer suggestions. We love helping and supporting our teachers.
  2. Find common FAQs.
  3. Look up tutorials.
  4. Download and print resources.
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Step 1

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Step 2

Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 1.18.22 PM.png

Step 3


Do Students Need Three Stars in Order to Progress?

Students do not need three stars in order to progress. One or two stars will allow students into the following lesson. Teachers shouldn't force students to go back and earn three stars on every lesson. Students are competitive by nature, so a light encouragement will suffice. Some students will be up for the challenge, but others students might get nervous and discouraged. In the end, teachers should use their judgment.

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