Research Support for CAPIT Reading: The More the Better

Study Finds Usage of CAPIT Reading Improves Kindergarten Reading Test Scores, Earning ESSA Designation.

Researchers found students using CAPIT Reading experienced accelerated growth. Even further, students who used CAPIT Reading most, achieved the highest level of improvement.

CAPIT is a Digital Curriculum that covers all Foundational Reading Skills.

CAPIT offers feedback to students in real time, collects analytics, and delivers actionable student data to all stakeholders, so Teachers, Principals, and District Leaders, can help their students before they fall behind.

PK-2 & Older Struggling Readers.


CAPIT is a Curriculum. Because Learning to Read is Not a Game.

Supplement your ELA Curriculum with a Phonics
Program that is 100% LEARNING 100% OF THE TIME.


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