Learn to Read by PLAYING with SOUNDS




With CAPIT Reading students become readers by Playing with Sounds

For Students PK-2 | Ages 4+


Students Learn to Read Without Verbal Instructions

Because CAPIT teaches without verbal instructions, it is “language agnostic” and naturally accommodates students of all backgrounds, giving all students a shared learning experience.

Native students and ELL students can now play and learn together.

Now my ELL students feel just like everyone else and even help their classmates.
— ELL Teacher, Los Angeles



Play With Sounds
and Create Letters

Our unique Visual Mnemonics “look and sound” like each letter in the English alphabet. Students intuitively learn which sounds correspond with which letters.



Play With Sounds
and Create Words

Students learn to manipulate sounds and letters as they teach themselves to read and spell new words.



Play With Sounds
and Create Sentences

Students use sounds to assemble sentences. All print conventions are intuitively learned, including capital letters, punctuation marks, contractions, plurals, and apostrophes.

reading sentances.png



Play With Sounds
and Earn Books

Students play with sounds in order to earn books. Our library of Books Without Sight-Words™ ensures students only earn books they can read.